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Food at conferences

21 Mar

Food at conferences

At SeaLife the emphasis is on the food. From the wonderful breakfast, through to the desserts, sandwiches and coffee for breaks and letter the special lunches. If your conference includes as well an overnight stay, you will enjoy a chef dinner or a special Asado evening. Personal treatment from the chef alongside excellent service will turn the “food” experience at SeaLife into something else.

At SeaLife conferences the food is a goal onto itself.

The breakfast includes a variety of quality cheeses, various personal dishes that change each day, along with a number of types of smoked fish, a variety of salads, sliced vegetables, and a health corner that includes yoghurt, granola and honey, homemade jams, date-honey and raw tahini.

A variety of omelets with toppings will be served to each guest personally as requested.

The guests have access to a rich bread bar including grain and whole wheat buns, focaccias baked on the spot, personal pizzas, Belgian waffles, sweet breakfast pastries, etc…

As for lunch / or dinner, these include a fresh salad bar, a rich bread station including a variety of pastries, dips, various meats and wish according to the choice of the organizer of the event with side dishes. For dessert, a variety of our sweets carefully arrange in personal portions and also including seasonal fruit.

The hotel chef, Eran Hai Betov, will give his full attention to each request and event.