Lectures and seminars – SeaLife SPA Hotel

Lecture in labor law

3 Dec

Lectures and seminars


The hotel has 3 lecture rooms for groups, recreational days, ad hoc lectures, or meetings with many participants. The large conference / lecture hall has an occupancy of 110 people (apart from the lecturer) in ‘theater’ seating or 30 seated around a U-shaped table arrangement. The lectures are usually held with refreshments and light and cold drinks or with separate breakfast or lunch in the dining room or quiet lobby.

The large lecture hall is equipped with whiteboards and erasable markers, a projector, microphones and sound system. The hotel provides a podium and high chair for the lecturer.

In the small lecture rooms adjacent to the hotel it is possible to hold meetings or lectures for 4 to 25 participants. It is possible to serve refreshments and hot and cold drinks at the small lecture rooms. Meals are served in the hotel at the desired location.

It is possible to add to any lecture the other hotel services, including pools, spa and treatments.